Just For The Pureness

All the technology and components are hidden under the pure and elegant appearance.

The whole design is built on the simple surface and curve, focus on every detail.

Use simple surface modelling design to build the whole products

Not only outlook, but also what's inside.

Just for experience your sensory pleasure with ease.

Innovative Ergonomic Design

Perfect Sensory Experience

From the easy handle, to the clitoris stimulation,

From the size and diameter of the dildo, 

To the five layers and texture inside the masturbator cup,

We just focus on the ergonomics for your comfort.

Blind Control

The new design of multi-function knob and the touch slider, 

Create a simple and explicit control method.

Enable you control the toys easily even with your eyes closed.

Just enjoy the pleasure

Rotary assembly and disassembly for Aris and Ishtar

Magnet design for the silicone rim

All designs are simple and bring convenient operation

Easily Remove And Install