Is Virtual Reality The Next Step In Sex Toys?



Porn as a concept is meant to tap into your deepest fantasies – threesomes, gangbangs, POV blowjobs – they’re all a part of fulfilling those deepest, darkest desires. The last few years have seen incredible growth in the world of virtual reality, with over 43 million VR users worldwide, so with this revolution well underway, of course porn-makers are taking advantage.

The first adult virtual realities began showing up in late 2014 and haven’t slowed down; with the limited technology at the time, videos were short and low-quality, but now…

… you really can have it all!

For those who have been living under a rock during the year of 2016, let’s discuss what VR really consists of. Virtual reality typically uses software-generated images to replicate an environment or create an imaginary setting. In the case of VR porn, adult videos are filmed specially for this purpose (much like the ill-fated 3D) to create an even more real sense of fantasy – to imagine that you’re the guest of honour in your perfect sexual scenario.

Porn can be credited with pushing forward many other modern evolutions which, today, are considered to be standard. When the internet was created, it took about five seconds to get its first set of boobs, and from there the mainstream has followed suit. From quality streaming video to mainstream digital payments, the adult video industry has moved the world forward in ways for which it will never receive credit.

In the same way, pornography looks to benefit from this shiny, new virtual reality revolution. In the past, technology took a massive bite out of the adult film industry; piracy turned the business upside down and shook out its lunch money, and “Tube” sites came along to finish the job. With each technological advancement, porn seems to have felt the burn… but not this time. This time porn could very well lead the pack and be the very industry to take VR technology from struggling new tech to the only tech worth having.

It’s the startups leading the way with VR porn, and it’s up to them to bring their (and your) fantasies to life. However when it comes to VR porn, even standard VR video is already so passé. Why not bring in one more element to make the experience really come alive? What if your deepest fantasy is simply to be with the one you love? Virtual reality has been kind enough to allow that too, in the form of vitafun.

vitafun is so much more than a headset or a mobile phone, and adds in my personal favourite form of fantasy fulfillment: sex toys! With a toy made specifically for internal and clitoral stimulation, as well as a male masturbator, these sex toys hope to fulfill your fantasy in the most realistic way possible, even if it’s with your own partner.

In the United States alone, there are nearly 15 million people involved in long-distance relationships, and that’s a lot of blue balls. Sometimes all you want is to feel close when it’s the last thing you can be, and vitafun has become a dynamic advancement in an even more dynamic field as a remedy to this situation. Of course, there’s no replacing the feeling of real intimacy, but by recreating the feeling of body heat and realistic, real-time sex with your partner, it can be just the thing you need to tide you over.

Unlike other interactive sex toys in the field, vitafun has one feature the others don’t – VR. Even with a “smart” toy that simulates a partnered experience, it still takes a lot of imagination to make it feel even remotely real. With built-in fantasies that don’t require you to close your eyes, vitafun may have taken the most important first step towards finally perfecting it in intimate technology. Movements within the vitafun videos can be synced with your preferred toy to bring VR to a higher, more sensual level.

What do you think? Is VR porn a new tech that will succeed in the long term? Would you want to see more syncing with smart toys? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

This post was sponsored by vitafun, and all opinions expressed here are my own. Be sure to check out theirIndieGoGo campaign to be among the first to receive this advanced technology!

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